Sunday, July 31, 2011

[news] Samsung Queen Tab 10.1 Galaxy comes to Verizon

Samsung has done a good job with the Galaxy series of smartphones to Tablet PC. Often, the only manufacturer of Android nearly equal (AAPL) Apple mobile devices and the level of ease of use, Samsung has proven to be worthy of record sales. The Galaxy family of mobile devices has helped companies new users of Android and AT & T (T) holds gingerbread updates for its entire 2011 range of Android devices. The trifecta Android operating system, manufacturers and companies has been very successful for all parties involved and many, including Samsung, meet the demands of competitors.

Galaxy S II-multiple carriers near
Samsung reported record sales of smart phones numbers of the Galaxy S II, with more than five million phones sold in the first three months. This represents only a quarter of total sales of smartphones from Samsung over the same period. The manufacturer claims that it had sent 19 million smartphones in the second quarter, and many were the Android phones. Things are only looking up as Samsung prepares to launch the Galaxy II in the U.S. S sometime in August. Until now, the smartphone is available in South Korea, parts of Southeast Asia and some European countries. With a solid set of features including dual-core processor, this phone is sure to impress consumers.

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