Monday, August 1, 2011

[news] 'V for Vendetta' Director Gets a "message of the King"

James McTeigue, the director of V for Vendetta and the next pretty impressive looking a little silly the Crow, has signed on to direct his next feature film entertainment FilmNation - King's message. The film is a character-driven action, after Jacob King in search of his missing sister. He is a different type of person and the circumstances surrounding her sister's disappearance are suspicious. It is assumed that the film will showcase Los Angeles in a new and "modern" light but considering every third film these days in Los Angeles McTeigue has work for him.

As excited as I am that a movie is being promoted by an individual and not a desire to sell toy cars, I'm a little tired. McTeigue is surely the torch to make a good movie, but the story sounds so smooth. Of course, attempts to summarize a 90-minute film in two sentences, so I'm probably a little off base. #Morningdrinker.

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