Thursday, August 4, 2011

[news] New BlackBerry touch screen launched to

Torch 9850/9860

NEW YORK: Research In Motion Ltd. BlackBerry phones introduced five new touch-screen, and he hopes to revive declining appeal of the front line to the jurisdiction of the iPhone and the Android smartphones.

The new phones were expected earlier this year but were delayed. Although the company is profitable and see sales grow, more and more like a has-been who lost the opportunity to use the popularity of the BlackBerry as a corporate email device in the domain of the mass market.

The Canadian company that is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, is upgrading its high-end models in bold to include touch screens. It is also launching two models of the torch with large screens, but has physical keyboard, which mimic the basic design of the iPhone.

RIM launched a touchscreen phone without a keyboard called the storm in 2008, more than a year after the first iPhone, but the peculiar design of the storm and the software of the poor become a flop.

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