Friday, August 5, 2011

[news] Virginia Tech pistol panic

Blacksburg, VA - Unresolved issues remain after a sighting of a man, possibly with a gun by three teenage girls, led to a massive reaction of caution on the Virginia Tech and law enforcement Thursday.

The girls were in a camp on the campus to be driven by improved performance in Washington DC Virginia Tech, Wendell Flinchum Police Chief said that teens reported seeing a man possibly carrying a gun, covered with a cloth or some kind of cover, Dietrick Dining Hall near New Residence Hall and east around 9:00 am The boy told an adult with his group, who called police at 9:09 am

About half-an hour later, Virginia Tech decided to send an alert through its alert system VT. This alert on the website of Virginia Tech at 9: 36 am, and asked thousands of people on campus to stay indoors and to "secure its doors," but does not specifically a blockade was in effect. The alert includes the report of the girls watching.

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