Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[news] Tough Guy 2011: Thousands of people take the electrifying new course

Up to 4,000 people were electrification and stabbing pain in the blistering heat of battle to the finish line of a competition Tough Guy Nettle Warrior.

New to the challenge, now in its summer 15 in Perton, near Wolverhampton, was an obstacle that makes standing rivals "the willies.

Organiser Billy Wilson, who designed it, said: "We have built a water slide - and electrified.

"I'm just now seeing the first riders going through it. They love it. They are yelling and screaming, can not do anything about it.

"The tension is enough to stun a cow. That's good for the brain, good for the sunshine, somehow heals everything - it's wonderful. I will remember all your life."

Billy said he came up with the case of "teaching people to be tough," as his generation was in the 1950s when they had to do military service.

About 500 women were among those who also participate.

Billy added: "They always do better than men, always a smile."

There are over 100 obstacles in the course, set in farm Billy.

Runners who run up and down steep slopes and jump in and out of trenches filled with barbed wire and cable networks. They also had to climb two towers 40 feet electrified and run through the bales of hay ablaze.

If that's not enough that navigating your way through a swamp that Billy said "shoes swallows and the sheep."

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