Sunday, July 31, 2011

[news] How stupid are IE users?

Average IQ score by browser.

When scientists try to relate the numbers, it is best to open a nice Casa Nuestra Tinto Classic and pour yourself a large glass.

Only then can really enjoy the conclusions which can be easily achieved when a bunch of numbers going to a blind date with another.

Take this fascinating new study of a Canadian consulting firm called psychometric AptiQuant. That seems to have no relation to Mary Quant cosmetics, these people still seem to be able to create a very pretty face that will have everyone talking to the second bottle.

For this research stated that those who use either Microsoft Internet Explorer are very stupid people in the world. Or at least the majority of stupid people in the world that actually uses a browser.

AptiQuant describes these findings as "not really surprising."

So while all that was rushed to IE users to download Chrome, Firefox or Safari, please let me say that users of these browsers are not all that much smarter than the doofus who use IE.

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