Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[news] Presidential hopeful Tan Jee Say has the support of Ms Nicole Seah

Nicole Seah

Presidential candidate Di Tan Jee supported by Ms. Nicole Seah, in his "personal capacity".

In a video clip of 30 July, Mr Tan posted yesterday on its website the presidential election, Ms Seah said: "I just want to say that I want to support Tan Jee Say for president because I think it really has what is needed.

"We need a president who is intellectual, a brilliant thinker, and not only that -. Someone who has a heart for the people, and can represent Singapore on the world stage more so please vote for Tan Jee Say. "

Mr. Tan, 57, an investment adviser and a former senior official, also posted two video clips on the website (

In one clip, at the mall Bugis, the National Solidarity Party Ms Seah said he was helping Mr. As to shop, "he is in dire need of new clothes."

With them was a private school teacher Michelle Lee, the Singapore Democratic Party.

Mr. Tan has resigned from the SDP candidate for the presidency.

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