Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[news] Kings of Leon cancels Tour, Citing Exhaustion

Caleb Followill

The Kings of Leon cancels the remainder of their U.S. tour Wednesday, saying the singer, Caleb Followill, "was suffering from vocal problems and fatigue" after getting sick at a concert in Dallas last week, a group's publicist, Ken Weinstein, he said.

"The band is devastated, but in order to offer their fans the show they deserve, they need to make this break," Weinstein said in a prepared statement.

Weinstein said the band was canceling 26 concerts in the United States and not return to the road until September 28 when they are scheduled to appear in Vancouver.

The cancellation of the tour suggests something deeper than a case of heat stroke may be affecting the garage-rock quartet evangelist from Tennessee. Mr. Followill shortcut a concert in Dallas on Friday night, complaining about the heat. "I'll go backstage and I'm going to vomit, I'll have a beer and I will return to play three more songs." He never returned to the stage.

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