Sunday, July 31, 2011

[news] Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet goes on sale August 23 for $ 479.99

It seems as if we report a honeycomb tablet to be released new every day. Tablet is now the Lenovo ThinkPad, which will be available on August 23. Lenovo ThinkPad has positioned the tablet form of business with "all the security, access and power demand." We have yet to see exactly how Lenovo up to the claims, but would love to know.

One of the features that this pill helps to highlight is that it comes with a pencil to take notes on the screen. The website does not mention any of the included applications that can take advantage of the needle, such as those installed in the brochure HTC. Unlike flyers, the pen is included in the price of the ThinkPad, which could help explain the price.

He reported on the possibility of a price war Android tablet, but Lenovo does not seem to be heading into that fight. Like other companies are starting to lower their entry level tablet prices below $ 400, Lenovo is going the other direction, to a price of $ 479.99 to start. To be fair, still a drop, when Lenovo first announced the ThinkPad, which said it sold for $ 499.

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