Sunday, July 31, 2011

[news] Review: A tale of two tablets: Samsung v. Toshiba

Android offers tablets are increasingly attractive for the month. In the "pure" experience Motorola's Android Xoom Transformer versatile and inexpensive Asus inspiring, fans of the Google operating system for boards now have a choice of powerful hardware and the selection is only growing.

I recently spent time with the last pair of Android 3.1 tablets to come from the major manufacturers: Samsung's new Galaxy Tab Tablet 10.1 and Toshiba. (That's its official name in Canada. In the United States is called prosperity. That will not be confusing at all.) While these two tablets may sport the same operating system, which are true contradictions of hardware. One is slim, sleek and almost all aspects of equal aesthetic and ergonomic industry leaders iPad 2, while the other is fat, heavy and a burden to keep up for a significant period of time .

The fit is, of course, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which will be available in a capacity of some flavors of storage when WiFi and 4G editions are released in Canada later this summer (prices to be confirmed). Samsung has the advantage of being in its second generation tablet, which has delivered the most popular Android slate to date in the original Galaxy tab. Their experience shows. The new iPad 2 coincides with the minimum thickness of 8.8 millimeters, from just 565 grams, is significantly lighter than even Apple offers most of the feathers. Its plastic-and back panel that prevents feel as luxurious as an aluminum backed iPhone 2, but its 16:9 aspect ratio and narrow bezel that make an ideal setting for widescreen movies.

In comparison, Toshiba is cheap - the 8-gigabyte version starts at just $ 429 - Tablet WiFi-only seems like a throwback. It is almost three times thicker than the tab 10. 1, has a bevel width that significantly increases the device surface to surface area and about 200 grams heavier. In other words, you could almost fit three Tab 10.1 lists within a Toshiba Tablet. Suffice it to say that it will not be the first choice for people seeking to use their lists as one hand e-readers.

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