Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[news] Happy Wi-Fi!

Qualcomm Atheros created this art to celebrate 802.11 day, a holiday it invented.

Bet you did not know, but today is 802.11 days. (I did not know it until a public relations person for Atheros-Qualcomm Qualcomm division formed after Qualcomm acquired chipmaker Atheros Wi-Fi-me by email.) No, because any scientist involved in landmark IEEE creation more commonly known as Wi-Fi, but also because it is actually 08/02/11. Do you understand?

Atheros Qualcomm People used the technological equivalent of a bad pun to update a group of journalists about what's next for the popular connectivity technology, and even the excuse of being lame, he had to say was interesting . The last major upgrade, 802.11n, delivering speeds of about 100 Mbps Ethernet, so the norm now in the works will be the next hurdle rate-1 gigabit.

Maybe they call it Wi-Fi Gigabit. But for now, the standard of embryos is not just another alphanumeric IEEE: 802.11ac. (They went through the entire alphabet for several other Wi-Fi related technology some of which no one cared, so after 802.11z started again with two cards, and 802.11a and 802.11ab already have.)

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