Monday, August 1, 2011

[news] "People should not fear their governments, governments should be afraid of their people"

KARACHI: dystopian landscapes, ruthless dictators, the victims of state censorship and propaganda. These were the themes and subtext that made V for Vendetta, a comic book series by Alan Moore, a perfect choice for Plan-A drama group. It may have been set in an imaginary dystopian Britain 1980, but could have been just as well Karachi.

The play, which opened its doors for three days on Friday Rangoonwala Center, is an adaptation almost scene by scene, line by line V for Vendetta the movie. "A friend and I saw the movie, and it was just incredible," says Mustafa Changezi, the director of 21 years of age, of the work. "I kept thinking to myself that Aleem [an actor who had worked with Mustafa in a previous game] would be perfect to play the Chancellor, and things started rolling from there."

The Chancellor is the powerful head of Nordic Fire totalitarian government that controls the United Kingdom through persecution and propaganda.

The central figure of the story is V, a masked vigilante obsessed with Guy Fawkes, a historical figure who almost blew up the Houses of Parliament, played by Changezi.

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