Monday, August 1, 2011

[news] WD shows Scorpio Blue hard drive

Scorpio Blue
PETALING JAYA: Western Digital (WD) has unveiled its latest portable hard drive, the Scorpio Blue.

Blue Scorpio comes in 1TB capacity and has an areal density of 500 GB per platter in a 2.5-inch format with a height of 9.5 mm standard. All these features give the user the capability to store large photos, music and files on your laptop.

The company said the Scorpio Blue is designed with robust features, reliability and data protection in mind. It also provides better power and performance, making it an ideal solution for laptops and other portable devices that require long battery life and cool operation, and quieter.

The Scorpio Blue features advanced power management and algorithms to optimize the way a drive seeks for data, which in turn helps to reduce energy consumption, WD said.

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