Sunday, July 31, 2011

[news] Tropical storm hits Philippines

MANILA - Tropical Storm Nock-Ten out of the northern areas of Luzon, the Philippines, the main island on Wednesday after killing 25 people, disaster officials and climate, he said.

Nock-Ten, the tenth storm that hit the poor Southeast Asian countries this year, rice bran produced by the main provinces, caused only minor damage to the coconut rice farms and areas of growth when he landed at midmorning Wednesday.

"We expect more rains in the West Coast because of the storm Nock-ten has intensified the southwest monsoon," said Graciano Yumul, head of the state meteorological bureau, told a news conference.

From 0800 16:00 GMT, Nock-Ten storm weakened slightly, although gusts of 100 kilometers per hour.

It is expected to move into the South China Sea on Wednesday, Yumul said, adding the storm alert levels had fallen in the capital.

Yumul said two storms were developing in the Pacific and can affect the country in the coming days.

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