Saturday, August 6, 2011

[news] Why we still adore Lucy

I grew up watching Lucille Ball in our black and white television and later came to admire her acting skills Femme Fatals not play comic roles in films and other white and black. His one Broadway musical, "Wildcat" showed that, like Angela Lansbury, she excelled in many artistic venues.

The 1950, a decade dominated by the likes of Lucy Berle, Milton, Steve Allen, Red Skelton and many other fun people, artists limited their ability to participate in what was then called "blue humor." In other words, it'd be fun and not rely on humor bathroom for cheap laughs. In addition, these television programs made before a live audience. There was no such thing as a laugh track. If they were not fun, do not laugh and he died on stage.

People identified with Lucy. Although he desperately wanted a career in show business (a joke in itself because she was a star in real life) never could. His TV and real life husband, Desi Arnaz (also known as Ricky Ricardo), tried to dissuade her, but she never gave up. Lucy had a work ethic that could use more of today.

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