Sunday, July 31, 2011

[news] New cars in the city ready for its debut in Frankfurt

New Twingo

Renault has released the first image of its new Twingo before the debut of the vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. 

The tiny car has received a major upgrade to bring it in line with Renault's brand identity design, which has now left the model sportier looking than its predecessor aging. 

Despite what Renault describes as its "generally expressive front face," the model has been released from some of your pictures geek for games double recessed lights, new bumpers and a much bigger logo of Renault. 

Previous images of the model test that appeared online also showed new taillights and a rear more squares. 

The Twingo is the first mass market car to show off the new identity of Renault, which will be launched through its models and is already evident in the French concept car manufacturer tries to present at the Frankfurt Motor Show, dubbed 'Frendzy'.

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