Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[news] Tech Talk: Playing the game of the rain in Hungary

It was called a complex combination of strategy that helped McLaren and Jenson Button to dominate the Hungarian Grand Prix last week - and showed how important a split-second decisions are in Formula One.

The race consisted of three key elements - the management of a dry track in the first stint, choose the correct tire strategy dry in the center and decide how to react to rain in the later stages.

Starting a race on a slippery track with constantly changing grip levels always lead to drama, and after a thrilling wheel to wheel battles was intermediate tires Hamilton and Button, who left after one to two leaders had all changes made to the spots.

The McLarens were just more comfortable in the intermediate and Hamilton, once past early leader Sebastian Vettel on lap five, was able to run between 0.7 seconds and 1.2s per lap faster than the Red Bull driver in these conditions .

Aided by the weak influence of downforce in the slow Hungaroring circuit, reducing the superiority of Red Bull in this area, the race went well for McLaren after that, all the equipment was installed in a dry strategy.

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