Thursday, August 4, 2011

[news] Assam Laksa take top 10 spot in CNN delicious food

Number 7: A vendor in Penang preparing bowls of assam laksa in this file picture.

KUALA LUMPUR: Penang Assam Laksa rise to the top 10 ranking CNN delicious food in the world hurt food lovers in the southern neighbor.

The Straits Times reported that food consultant Violet Oon, 62, expressed surprise that their spicy crab is ranked only 35th place.

"One reason could be that we do not have many restaurants in Singapore and abroad, so not many people have tried," said Singapore.

A survey of CNN International said recently that food Assam Laksa was the seventh of 50 your most delicious food in the world.

At number 35 was the famous spicy crab in Singapore, while its rice with chicken was in place 45.

Massaman curry Thailand topped the list and was described as "the king of all foods."

Another commenter on the website of English every day, moodiness called Stomper, questioned the classification.

"My friends foodie according to the list, and how can our famous spicy crab only come in at number 35?" He questioned.

A person who Twitter under the name of Mr. Brown has also criticized CNN for bad review Singapore crab chile.

"Any site that makes a world of delicious food 50 and puts Singapore Chili Crab at the 35 th has no right to review the food," published in your Twitter account.

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