Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[news] Laptop update: Six ways to revitalize an old laptop

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Do you have an aging laptop to save the recycling center? With some software and hardware, which could bring that old notebook back to life and possibly avoid having to pay money for a new laptop or a secondary device such as an Apple iPhone or Android tablet.

Update your operating system: three options
Backup first! Before making any changes to the operating system, be sure to back up your data to an external hard drive (or two), and confirm that you have all the disks in their practical application, so you can reinstall them. See our tips on what to do a copy and on the way back up manually or through Windows.

1. Reinstall Windows: Over time, Windows, naturally slows down. A quick way to carry your laptop back to square one is to use the system restore disk (or restore program installed on your laptop) to reformat and reinstall Windows. After a new installation, the system will work much faster, breaking the year of application installs and uninstalls, disk fragmentation, and everyday wear. See our eight-step guide to complete the relocation and restoration of Windows for help in starting again from scratch.

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