Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[news] 2011 NFL Free Agency News: Aubrayo Franklin, Zach Miller and Ronnie Brown

Marcio Jose Sanchez

There have been some notable moves in free agency today, so here's a rundown of some of them. Check out all the moves in free agency this link.

NT Aubrayo Franklin New Orleans Saints. It is believed that dates back to the 49ers so the move to New Orleans is a bit of a surprise. This is a one-year contract that tells me that there was not much of a market for it and a long-term. So the signs of a year and was released in 2012. The Chiefs never had much interest in it, especially in its price.

TE Zach Miller to the Seattle Seahawks. He reportedly thought to be headed back to the Oakland Raiders, but apparently not. The good news for fans of the chiefs is that this takes by far the best offensive player for the Raiders so it just got worse.

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