Sunday, July 31, 2011

[news] Ochocinco, Haynesworth to Pats, Bush, Kolb negotiated

Here's Albert Haynesworth in the direction of Mike Shanahan Redskins Bill Belichick the Patriots - where pickup will be accompanied by other large New England Thursday: Chad Ochocinco.

Reggie Bush? The Saints sent him to the Dolphins. And the saga of Kevin Kolb ended the way nearly everyone expected, with trade the Eagles against the Cardinals.

NFL clubs made a move a minute Thursday - and renowned hotels were only the beginning.

Day 3 of compressed post-season closure was also included over contract agreements and a lot of cuts, the teams were finally allowed to start advertising at 4:01 pm ET. Among the players were released to get the Titans' Vince Young Clements, the 49ers Nate, and Jake Delhomme for the Browns.

In the first dramatic example of how the system of labor supply of the new rookie salary affect the elite players, No. 2 overall draft pick Von Miller got $ 21 million guaranteed over four years from the Denver Broncos. The No. 2 pick in 2010, Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh, signed a five-year $ 40 million guaranteed and as much as $ 68 billion in general.

Broncos football boss John Elway Twitter: "We have reached an agreement with our first round pick, LB Von Miller. I can not wait to put it in the field."

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