Monday, August 8, 2011

[news] Technology bail out would be thieves

Technology has the better of the two thieves after they raided a house on the weekend in Middleton.

Police say on Saturday morning, a house in Middleton was divided into a number of electrical items such as flat screen televisions and computer equipment stolen. Among the items stolen was a Ipad2.

They say that when the owner returned home a few hours later contacted Victor Harbor police and informed them that there was a way to find those responsible for the intrusion.

T'he owner had previously downloaded smart technology a free application available for IPAD and iPod owners, which can track the exact location of the iPad, "help the police.

"The owner and Victor Harbor police were able to follow the iPhone and I could see it was moving from the southern suburbs back to Adelaide finally stopping at Grange.

"Victor Harbor police passed on the location of Port Adelaide and a police patrol detected a suspected theft attended Ford sedan with two occupants male.

"The stolen car with thieves and inside Ipad, quickly removed and lost patrol.

"I did not know, although the thieves could not see the police, who could still track all movements of the vehicle with the interior Ipad" they said.

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