Friday, August 12, 2011

[news] PM compliments London transport labors for duty during riots

London buses came under attack during the riots

Transport workers have been praised by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, for its value to "keep London moving."

In a letter to Transport for London Cameron paid tribute to those who "protect passengers" during the riots.

He made special mention of the nearly full bus driver was attacked in Croydon on Monday and a shuttle bus driver at Tottenham, who worked with a broken wrist after being beaten.

TfL said he wanted to make sure it is "business as usual" for Londoners.

More than 1,000 people have been arrested and charged about 600 rioting and looting after all the capital on Saturday.

The letter from Mr Cameron thanked the staff for working "day and night to keep London moving against the terrible violence and vandalism."

"They all deserve our gratitude and admiration."

Among the incidents highlighted was that of an "almost full" double-decker bus that came under "sustained attack" in London Road, Croydon, on Monday night. The driver managed to drive the passengers.

On Saturday night, when the riots first erupted, a bus service driver was assaulted at Tottenham, but he continued to work throughout the night. It later emerged he had broken his wrist in the attack.

Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy said: "I welcome and echo the recognition of the prime minister simply outstanding work done by the staff right across London's transport network, as well as police and services emergency. "

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