Friday, August 12, 2011

[news] England riots: What's the anticipation of the words behind the mobocracy?

It may have been that England was rocked by violence, looting and disorder.

However, many of the terms used by their authors came from a very different place altogether - and because the coverage of the riots, which have found a wider audience than ever.

"If you see a food ... Shoot!" read a message distributed BlackBerry Messenger, imploring readers to revolt.

Another widely reported in the aftermath of chaos, urged everyone to "Tottenham and thrown into the [expletive] the 5-0." There were thousands of references, so the "po po".

Mark Duggan, whose fatal shooting by police sparked the violence, sent a text message shortly before his death saying. "Feds follow me"

These terms are used to express dislike of the police involvement a common characteristic - all are derived from the inner cities of the U.S., not UK.

To outsiders, it seems incongruous that these terms were commonly used by young people who went directly from the integral, not Compton.

But when politicians and pundits use terms to argue that the pernicious influence of hip hop and rap is responsible for feeding the unrest, which was completed using vernacular obtained from your game box from The Wire.

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