Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[news] Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 shut out in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The tablet, which was launched in Britain last week, should now be withdrawn from the market by Samsung and should stop marketing it. According to some traders, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, became the fastest selling board since the iPhone 2 when it launched in Britain.

The Regional Court of Dusseldorf Apple has granted an injunction against the sale and marketing of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab across Europe, except the Netherlands. You can request a court order pan-European in any country, if confirmed, covers all of the EU. The judge backed claims Apple tablet Samsung had infringed its intellectual property and copy the elements of the iPhone 2.

While Samsung may appeal against the sentence, the order still stood in the meantime. Any appeal will be heard at the time about four weeks and would be heard by the judge.

Copyright Florian Müller analyst said that Apple had a separate lawsuit under way in the Netherlands. He wrote in a blogpost: "The exception of the Netherlands due to the aforementioned procedure in the country legally separated, this exception applies only to the Korean parent company Samsung, the German subsidiary .."

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