Monday, August 8, 2011

[news] Saudi Arabia drop out diplomat from Syria

Protests have continued in cities across Syria despite the crackdown by security forces

Saudi Arabia says it is withdrawing its ambassador from Syria to protest the Syrian government repression against demonstrators.

In a statement broadcast across the Arab world, King Abdullah said the violence was "unacceptable."

It came hours after the Arab League issued its first official condemnation of repression in Syria.

Environment correspondent says that this move is a major escalation of international pressure on Damascus.

"The kingdom of Saudi Arabia ... demands an end to the machine of death and bloodshed and calls for acts of wisdom before it's too late," King Abdullah said in a statement on television Al- Arabiya.

"What is happening in Syria is not acceptable to Saudi Arabia. Or (Syria), choose the wisdom itself or come down in the depths of confusion and loss."

BBC Middle East correspondent Jon Leyne says the statement seems to be a coordinated movement, according to own statement of the Arab League in Syria.

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