Thursday, August 11, 2011

[cartoon] Pingu ep 010 - Pingu Goes Skiing

Download link MediaFire: Click Here and wait for 5 sec to download

Pingu jumps outside and flies around like a plane, when he sees the carrot for the snowman's nose has dropped off. He puts it back on and finds it looking like a Rhino's horn when he turns the head. He then sits on a sledge and starts drumming on his belly, when he sees Pingo coming along on his new skis. Pingu, most impressed, decides to tag along with him and, not having a pair of skis of his own, uses some junk in a ruined igloo to build a make-shift pair of his own. Pingu and Pingo then go climbing one of the mountains, with Pingo nearly slipping. After having fun whizzing about down the mountain, with Pingo taunting Pingu, they start racing competitively with Pingo going first, Pingu going next, with both stopping at one point, and both of them end up breaking their skis. They put what they can back together, and then decide to go with each of them on only one ski and go home, arm-in-arm, singing instead.

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