Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[cartoon] Pingu ep 002 - Pingu Looks After the Egg

Download link Media Fire: Click Here and wait for 5 sec to download

Pingu’s family has an egg, and while his parents do the laundry, Pingu has to sit on it. At first he is proud and happy to help, but he quickly gets bored, and gets up and starts listening to music called "Woodpeckers From Space". He does dances and other steps, but the egg suddenly sprouts a leg and starts to dance around the house. When Pingu notices this, he tries to stop things and catch the egg before his parents find out, trashing the igloo in the process. Pingu's parents, eventually noticing the commotion and finding out what's happening, rush over to help. Father catches the egg and mother turns off the record. Mother finds Pingu hiding in a cupboard beneath the record player; afraid his parents would be angry at him. They are not, however, and mother hugs him. Mother and Pingu clean up the igloo and Father sews him a hat for a great job taking care of the egg.

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