Friday, August 12, 2011

[cartoon] Pingu ep 017 - Pingu Has Music Lessons From His Grandfather

Download link MediaFire: Click Here and wait for 5 sec to download

Pingu is playing with his blocks, and teaching Pinga what they are, while Mother and Father bake a cake (possibly something else). While Pingu plays with his blocks, Pinga plays her trumpet. Pingu likes this and shows Pinga his instrument, an accordion. Pingu then starts playing awful music hysterically with it, and Mother tells him to stop. Pingu sticks his tongue at her, and resumes playing music with it again (this time holding it from one side and bouncing it up and down like a yo-yo). Finally, Mother has had enough and sends Pingu outside, Pinga, who liked Pingu's playing as evidenced when she mimicked the movements of the accordian when Pingu played it), is annoyed and starts crying. Meanwhile, all around the town, people flee and lock themselves in their houses to get away from Pingu's playing, but when he finally gets to his grandfather, he finds him playing his own accordion nicely. Asking him how he does it, Grandpa gives Pingu music lessons, and he swiftly ends up playing excellently. Pingu then goes home and plays some nice, proper music for his family.

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