Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[news] Press tour: 'Sons of Anarchy' revert to basics for season 4

"Sons of Anarchy" returns to FX on September 6, and based on both a projection of the 4th season premiere and the comments made by the creator Kurt Sutter and the cast on his press tour panel, I I feel much better about the series than it did from Season 3.

Now I felt better by the time we reached the end of season 3, that the remedy of returning home, the children place more power in shadow puppet figures abroad and establish a large number of potentially fascinating conflicts for the following season. But I'm glad to say that both the premiere and the press tour session to confirm that feeling more comforting.

Without saying too much about the first episode, which begins on Jax, clay and most of SAMCRO has completed his 14 months in prison for his plea agreement with the Agent Stahl. As the episode of 90 minutes goes hand in hand, we see that both House and the club have changed a bit, while the main characters were away, and there will be threats, both from the outside (Ray McKinnon plays a smart fiscal, Rockmond Dunbar and new sheriff House) and within (Tara had much time to read and reread the letter about the father of Jax).

Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma and is married to Sutter said that in season 3 (which he called "bold and brave")), the characters were so fragmented and spread across continents did not have much time to interact with certain co-stars.

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