Thursday, August 11, 2011

[news] Bullies Squeeze On Rebecca Black Out of School

We all wanted revenge on those responsible for the first image shows Rebecca Black Friday music on YouTube, and even we wanted was a line of ducks blow when the melody is stuck in your head. But most of us have never seen the singer harm innocent as a form of punishment to get her so excited about Friday. However, people in Rebecca's school began to focus on bullying she and her (presumably best friends, because it now attend Hollywood premieres and Katy Perry), both had to leave school altogether and part of an education at home.

In comments to his colleagues that led to the switch would of education, recently told ABC's Nightline Rebecca "When I walk by going to start singing 'Friday' with a nasal voice. Or you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey Rebecca, you know what today is? "Her mother, Georgina Marquez, Rebecca confirmed that the school was the right decision to leave his family, saying that" [Rebecca] certainly do not need that kind of pressure. "But even though face to face bullying has been addressed, cyber bullying is becoming more difficult to prevent. Rebecca said still receiving numerous threats, and people keep spreading rumors about her (one May morning he woke up and it was rumored around the Internet who said she was pregnant) . He explained, "Awakening to a rumor that she is pregnant is not fun. It's frustrating, because I mean, I'm still, like, excited about my first kiss. "Oh, you leave her alone. So she has a stupid song on the Internet? You still have one of those flowers that dance wears sunglasses on his bedside table.

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