Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[news] Kurt Sutter sneak peek 'Sons of Anarchy' at Comic-Con, talks season 4

Kurt Sutter is not going well with big crowds. So the idea of ​​the Comic-Con, despite a wealth of experience to his wife, Katey Sagal at the event (from Futurama) was disappointing. "The idea of ​​going there is a little overwhelming for me because I just know how big it has become, but last year was really my first year there and that was pretty amazing, quite overwhelming. All I have been in that was something similar - I'm kind of big game, so I went to E3 a couple of times - and is obviously a fraction of what Comic-Con, "he says. "The support for the panel and all the fans, it was interesting to see the embodiment in the person of such comments from fans. Obviously I understand Twitter, and obviously people are big fans of the series, but seeing all that energy in a room is quite impressive. "

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