Friday, August 12, 2011

[cartoon] Pingu ep 018 - Pingu's Lavatory Story

Pingu in Pingu's lavatory story

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Pingu and his family are eating lunch. Pinga opens her mouth for Pingu to put a piece of fish in her mouth, but Pingu ends up eating it himself, much to Pinga's annoyance. Pingu then heads off to go to a bar type shop to get a drink. Pinga follows him and wants a drink too. Pingu buys her two, but when she drinks them, she tinkles on the ground and Pingu hurriedly sends her home; she makes it to her potty just in time. Pingu then finds he needs to go to the toilet, and rushes home just in time to see his father go into the bathroom. He pushes Pinga off her potty so he can use that instead, and is sent outside, and he then in a rage plays doorbell ditch so that Dad has to rush out of the bathroom to get it and Pingu can run in and use the toilet. However, he urinates on the floor, because the toilet is too high. Father becomes enraged and tells him off to clean it up. While finished and walking away thinking of an idea, he then attempts to go to the toilet on stilts, but when Mother comes in and tells him that he can't go in the toilet with them, Pingu explains to her that he can't reach the toilet. Mother thinks of an idea and suggests they build some steps out of ice. They do so, and Pingu is finally able to go to the toilet in peace.

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