Saturday, July 30, 2011

[news] Rapid reaction: Matt Moore in Miami, Tebow convicted in Denver

After a standoff of several days between Miami and brass Denver office, a resolution was reached Friday, a result that nobody saw coming.

Earlier this week Michelle Beisner NFL Network reported a deal to send Kyle Orton (notes) to Miami was imminent, a decision that is expected to pave the way for the Messiah Mile High, Tim Tebow (notes), to disseminate goodwill and happiness statistics in Fantasyland as the likely number of John Fox, while providing much needed stability to the value 'targets Fins Brandon Marshall (notes) and Davone Bess (notes).

But a curve was launched. And dolphins, doing his best imitation of Mike Stanton struck out the signing of Matt Moore to "fix" the ills that happens.

When the sun broke the horizon of Miami this morning thoughts Orton frolicking in South Beach, although support for life, were not completely dead. However, Moore enter into the equation that appears Tony Sparano's mobile content in the season with former Pantera and Chad Henne (notes). Talk about a dynamic duo recently.

Reference to the Rockies, the alleged containment prospects of fantasy crushes the Neckbeard Tebow. The passer is a more dynamic young athlete, but concerns over his inexperience and inaccuracy apparently a primary attitude of passive Broncos to boost trade. Thursday's practice probably accelerated these thoughts. According to spectators, Orton Tebow completely overcome that struggled to find his receivers. The owner had all the first team snaps. Granted it is a practice, but it was probably a harbinger of things to come if a new suitor trade does not materialize.

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