Saturday, July 30, 2011

[news] Matt. Moore. Matt. Moore. Matt. Moore. Durham. Bulls. Win.

Matt. Moore.

DBAP / Durham, Matt Moore, Durham promoted to Class AA Montgomery on July 19, made his second start for the Durham Bulls on Wednesday night. He struck out the first batter he faced, Jose Constanza, on three pitches.

The man next to Tyler was Pastornicky, who also was promoted from Class AA (Mississippi) to Class AAA on July 19. The two players were born in Florida in 1989. Moore faces Pastornicky two games of the Southern League earlier this season, holding him to an infield single in five at-bats. Pastornicky was, in fact, the only player in the lineup Gwinnett last night that Moore had seen before. I saw it Tuesday night, from the bench in the DBAP when Pastornicky was 2-4 with a walk in the first inning and a stolen base against Matt Torra & Co.

Moore wanted to be careful with Pastornicky an aggressive hitter, but intelligent, whose father, Cliff, was a cup of coffee majors with Kansas City in the 1980s and later became a scout, a very good, too. (This is a good piece that speaks both Pastornickies Tyler.)

Moore tried to cope with two breaking balls, but did not bite Pastornicky tones and missed the strike zone. Pastornicky proceeded to develop a four-pitch walk and then stealing second base and: a copy of the first inning at bat against the tower on Tuesday.

I hope Pastornicky took a picture of second base, or plant the world's smallest G-Braves flag on it or a picture of her in a magazine pocket, or Twitter about the wonderful view from there: something to remember or claim the bag as a cornerstone for the Braves for the future, and to demonstrate that one had been there. Neither he nor anyone in his team reached second base for the rest of the night.

Matt Moore allowed three base runners, all in singles and one of them Pastornicky, you do not, and struck out 13 batters in eight scoreless innings to tie a record held by Wade DBAP Davis, who fanned 13 Mud Hens Toledo in 2009 and Jason Hammel, who set the record in 2006.

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