Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[news] (NASDAQ: AMZN) has Nintendo 3DS problem

(NASDAQ: AMZN), a major online retailer announced that it has stopped the sale of black version of the portable game console Nintendo 3DS due to some problems of inventory.

The company said it continues to sell the blue version, while the black version is under review. (NASDAQ: AMZN) said in a statement: "While this article is available on the market other vendors on this page is not currently offered by (NASDAQ: AMZN) because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of this issue, how to send it, or the way described here. " (NASDAQ: AMZN) shares were 213.49 at the end of business on the day before. There has been a change of 16.5% in the share price in the last 3 months.

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