Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[news] Miami Dolphins have a lot to do in too little time to prepare for the season: Fan making

The lock time of 18 weeks of the NFL is over, and football is back.

Although I would not be so excited about the upcoming professional football season because of all the struggles around my beloved Miami Dolphins after the season 2010 (owner Stephen Ross desperately trying to hire a new coach and head before turning the alike-not the coach Tony Sparano a contract extension for two years), I have to admit there is a level of enthusiasm at the club in South Florida I'm feeling I was not expecting.

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) the NFL owners and players signed takes effect almost immediately, with players being able to report to training volunteers and medical tests today.

In addition, teams can begin signing their rookies, which means the Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland would be pretty busy this morning doing that with six rookies Miami Project has been since 2011 in the NFL. It is also able to begin signing undrafted rookies and can negotiate with any veteran free agent like (although he can not sign until 6:00 pm EST on Friday, July 29th when the official NFL free agency begins) .

Ireland and Sparano also need to prepare immediately for the camp, which for the Miami team will begin on Thursday, July 28 along with nine other teams (10 teams in the NFL camps begin the morning of Wednesday, July 27 and 10 other teams they will start on Friday), then hesitate to start at 4:01 pm EST today the Dolphins will be able to start cutting players.

New York Jets and Houston Texans, whose first preseason game is not until August 15, will begin training camp Sunday, July 31 could not be better for the Dolphins, in my opinion, giving Miami almost a week of preparing one of his closest rival division.

Phins Sparano and "will open the preseason with a game against the Atlanta Falcons on August 12 at the Georgia Dome, and September 3 coach and Ireland GM will have done all the cuts necessary to obtain the list down to 53 players of the 90 who initially may have. They will follow the game against Atlanta, with home games against the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys, inserting a preseason contest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the state Florida.

On 12 September, just over a week after his short final list, Miami will face their rivals for a long time, the New England Patriots in a "Monday Night Football" to start shooting his 2011 season. Then better have gotten it all figured out and found a way to use more than $ 10 million in cap space that will have the new salary cap of $ 120 million to sign free agents who can help keep the Dolphins from becoming cannon fodder for their opponents this year.

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