Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[news] Kyle Orton swap: Is the Broncos quarterback engage for the Miami Dolphins?

With more than four months, blocking the NFL, finally, fortunately again, the Denver Broncos can finally stop pretending that Kyle Orton is not on the trading block. In May, he noted that Orton was coveted by the Miami Dolphins. Two months later, reports Florida has not changed confirm. The main question now: Will the Dolphins' offer enough?

"The hope of the Dolphins first is Kyle Orton," by columnist Dan Hyde Sun-Sentinel provides the wishes of Miami, and challenges, in simple terms. An excerpt:

The Dolphins called first will be to Denver to study the cost of Orton, according to a source. But the first question is not about the cost.
The first question is whether the phone line is busy. Assuming that Matt Hasselbeck is for Tennessee, as people think football, Orton is the only starting-caliber quarterback in a lot of ugly pig of quarterbacks available today.
Arizona, Seattle, Washington and the Dolphins could make the number of Orton at the same time.

Not that Hyde is the moon about the abilities of Orton. He concludes that KO is an average talent and a proven one, thanks to the lack of playoff victories, among other things. Moreover, the second-round pick of the Broncos are likely to demand in exchange for traffic Orton is not "cheap" in view of Hyde.

But he is not eliminated by the alternatives of Dolphins quarterback, either. Hyde called Vince Young talent wild card, which "needs to be checked to see who he really is" - a statement of claim, if there ever was one. He is less enthusiastic about Donovan McNabb ("Please do not make us witnesses of the end of a race with class," he pleads) and Marc Bulger, who is no longer a starting-caliber player in his assessment.

Of course, the jury also about Tim Tebow, who could jump to first team status if Orton hits the road. (Does anyone really give you the opportunity to Brady Quinn in this particular derby? Anyone?), But new coach John Fox would face a mutiny fan if Tebow spent most of another season watching from Orton the bench. No wonder the team is out of season Orton insistence that remained number one on his depth chart so much mistrust. But the truth is out - and in the present scenario, it is almost impossible to imagine that Orton will be on the list when the season starts.
And dolphins are the most likely destination.

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