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[mediafire] KL Gangster DVDrip ENG Hardsubbed 2011 download

Download KL Gangster for free. High quality. With English subs.

Synopsis: KL Gangster is a narrative of a gangster in KL who require alter and do not require to be a gangster anymore. Originally, Malek was a gangster who is influential in KL. They leads the world in KL along with his mate named King. But, day they was arrested by police and jailed for five years.

Since then, her sister Jai joined the group of gangsters under the Dragon. While his brother has been a wild and sell the pills at nightclubs. His sister was made to trade for a living for herself. His sister had been neglected by their children.

After Malek being released from jail, they was invited by Fadil. Malek did not require to be involved in the gangster world and require to alter and seek lawful funds. At first they lived with Fadil. Then, Shark has come to the house to invite Malek joined the him. But the invitation was refused and a quarrel occurred between them. At that time, King also came to the house to invite Malek joined the him. Shark is a stepchild to King. King invitation was also has been rejected by Malek.

Thereafter, Dragon also has ordered Ajib to take Malek joined him. At that time, Malek was working at a vegetable market. They was attacked by Shark's fellows. Ajib have come to rescue Malek and continue to invite him to join the group of Dragon. However, Malek steadfastly refused the invitation of his best mate.

Simultaneously, the Shark was feeding Jai to join the him. Shark willing to pay additional funds to Jai as long as Jai join him. Finally, Jai has been agreed and was ordered to assault Ajib. Jai along with his colleagues continue to go and assault Ajib. This time, Malek come to rescue Ajib. Malek feel cross with Shark because his sister had been utilizing.

Shark continues to hunt Malek. This time, they has blocked Fadil and Malek. Shark destroy Fadil's automobile and make Fadil as a hostage. They are lucky because King has arrived on the scene. King was reproached Shark for his actions and drove Shark out of the group.

Due to disaffection against King, Shark have killed King. After that, Shark has gone to the house of Malek's sister. At that time, Fadil had come out there and try to prevent Shark. However, Fadil was killed by Shark. Due to that anger, Malek came to Dragon and said that they desired to join Dragon to take revenge for the death of Fadil. However, Dragon does not require to interfere in such matters. This resulted Malek went to the Shark himself to get revenge.

However, Ajib has come and save Malek. Then, they both go to a club owned by Shark. In the club, Jai, and Shark is prepared to do battle with Malek and Ajib. Jai fight with Ajib, while Shark fight with Malek. Consequently, Ajib been lost in the hands of Jai, while Shark lost at the hands of Malek. Finally, Malek had to fight along with his sister because his sister is more wanted the funds compared to his own relatives.

Finally, Jai had been defeated at the hands of Malek. However, Shark has been up and desired to shoot Malek. At that time, Dragon has come, and had shot and killed Shark. After the incident, Jai had disappeared. Dragon and Malek are walking away from being hunted by the police. Finally they were arrested by the police.

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