Friday, July 29, 2011

[news] NFL Free-for-All Central, District and rice Haynesworth

11:54 a.m. | Updated While waiting for the chaos when the NFL ended its blockade on Monday and immediately launched an off-season, everyone predicted that the frenetic movement of the players that look like a swap meet for billionaires. But chaos would not be right unless something really happened head hitting. Like, for example, trade Patriots' Albert Haynesworth.

Important business news of the day so far:

Yes, the Patriots have swung a deal with Washington to acquire perpetual discontent Haynesworth and that sound you hear is Redskins coach Mike Shanahan howling with joy. Haynesworth, a defensive tackle but fabulously talented motivational challenge, spent last season as the symbol of everything wrong with the approach of Redskins owner Dan Snyder for team building. Haynesworth after giving a $ 100 million, had to sit so pouted on the new team's defensive system and became a joke, not only that stand the test of fitness equipment, but not even be able to finish. Now, apparently, Patriots coach Bill Belichick of his magical powers believed to extend to the removal of Haynesworth's talent, which means that the time spent blocking the construction of a magic wand strong enough to move about 400 pounds right of self-absorption.

Only someone as big as Haynesworth could push a trade for Reggie Bush to the highest honors. New Orleans reportedly sealing a deal that would send Bush back in place of mercury, to Miami. The measure is not a surprise considering Bush all but announced his departure after the Saints drafted running back himself Mark Ingram, and was completed when Bush reached an agreement for two years with the Dolphins.

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