Friday, July 29, 2011

[news] Chad Ochocinco fair trade in the number

Foxboro - You would not think Chad Ochocinco Bill Belichick cup of tea. He is strong, brash, outrageous and scandalous.

These features are not exactly what you see under the hood of the Patriots [team stats] coach each week. Nor is the style of Belichick expects his players have.

But Ochocinco and Belichick have had a strange relationship and mutual respect and plug in the Pro Bowl several years ago. The coach does not like strange behavior, but he likes the player. He always has.

And now that Ochocinco is a patriot, something tells me a lot of garbage disappear. He is more interested in Tom Brady [Statistics] and the Patriots' offense to evoke circus-like touchdown celebrations. That's what I get out of Cincinnati for Foxboro will do to you.
But what about your game? Is not the biggest problem here?

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