Friday, July 29, 2011

[news] Olsen is a strange trade "business" agreement

CHICAGO - You wanted a little excitement, Bears fan, and now I have.

Beginning Thursday night, the Chicago Bears has not added a "sexy" free agent - only the needs of the home as a passel of rookies, the punter and a blocking tight end - but lost a popular, blonde hair tight end on the eve of "Bearbounnais."

Within 24 hours, Greg Olsen was not until the end of narrow confidence (even if for a bit of new paper) to the performance of a song by James Taylor. He is "gone to Carolina" in a third-round pick.

His final farewell to the team that drafted him in 2007 was a press release of 30 words without mentioning its destination, until a subsequent correction. Before he came, it was as if the winds changed and the sea, which had better ratings quarterback Jimmy Clausen last year.

If Olsen were still in the "Seventh Floor Crew," his nom de guerre DJ would now fungible. After so much promise and hype, he was cast to one side of a philosophy. The Bears obviously do not want to spend money again in a position that is most coveted, so this agreement is necessary.

After scoring a relative victory for the owners (yes, it was a compromise, but the owners do not beat up the players and a lot of anti-union believed that the 'experts'), the status quo is to return to the NL Olsen Cup veterans, such as expendable on a whim.

Players like to repeat his blanket "is a business," but I prefer the old line from Kurt Vonnegut, "So it goes. "And as good as Olsen could be as large as could look striped half, never quite made the leap to dominant tight end, thanks to crime in general, bad.

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