Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[cartoon] Pingu ep 022 - Pingu's Dream

Pingu in Pingu's Dream

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It is time for Pingu's bedtime, and he falls asleep while Mother is reading him a story. As Pingu sleeps, the igloo jumps up and down before floating away. His bed then sprouts legs and moves around. Although being rattled at first, he has lots of fun riding the bed, but he is unaware that a giant non-tusked whiskered walrus (or a leopard seal) is stalking him. The walrus/leopard seal eventually shows himself to Pingu and puts the igloo on top of him and the bed. The walrus/leopard seal takes the igloo off, squishes and stretches Pingu as if he were a plaything, and as the bed tries to escape, the walrus/leopard seal takes the mattress from it and eats it like a chocolate bar. While the walrus/leopard seal is distracted, Pingu and the bed run off in fear, but Pingu trips over a ledge and falls down a steep mountain slope. The minute he lands at the bottom, Pingu wakes up, finds out that his "snowy mountain" is actually the bed, which isn't moving, and realizes it was all a dream. Pingu then sadly tells Mother all about it as she comforts him.

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