Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[news] Salma Hayek’s Nuance Facial Scrub Serum

Salma Hayek lot line treatments provided, Nuance, has finally been launched and, of course, immediately bought nothing if not affordable Radiance Renewal Serum and Facial ($ 19.99 for one ounce in CVS) and first tested this weekend.

The actress, 44 says that the line is inspired by her grandmother and Facial Serum makes a great feature of licorice. Before the line of Salma Hayek had launched a wave of speculation that the star of the show would be something called pearl shell (mother of pearl) and the actress is being used to make a "cream of relief" . But now that the serum of Nuance has debuted, it has even a small part.

In fact, the role of lightning appears to be the work of a stable form of Kojic Acid (the third ingredient list - aminopropyl phosphate kojyl). Now kojic acid, commonly used as skin whitener, is controversial and is certainly a strong irritant or sensitizer. In 2008, the European Union concluded that "the data support the conclusion that the penetration of the skin in rats and humans is considerable," and that "the use of kojic acid at a maximum concentration of 1.0% in formulations skin care constitutes a risk to the health of the consumer. "

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