Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[cartoon] Pingu ep 032 - Pingu's Curling Game

Pingu in Pingu's Curling Game

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Robby, who has a proper curling stone, invites Pingu to have a game with him. Pingu doesn’t have a curling stone, so he gets his hot water bottle to use instead, which Mother is using while she is asleep, he sneaks up trying to not wake up Mother and gets the bottle successfully. On their first go, Robby gets his the farthest, on the second Robby again gets his the farthest, but both finish up near a neighbour who is sitting on an ice block reading, and he tells them to leave him alone. They swap stones, and play back the way they came. Robby wins this as well. Pingu is annoyed, and plays the stone as hard as he can. Unfortunately, it goes toward the neighbour who is reading and knocks the seat from under him, depositing him on the ice on his backside! Robby laughs; Pingu gets sympathic. He is understandably rather furious at this and goes to tell Pingu off, but Robby tries to pull him back. This annoys him even more and he follows Pingu home. Pingu goes indoors and hides inside his toy box, while Mother is ironing a towel, but she is not paying attention and burns it, much to her dismay. The neighbour bangs on the door and comes in. The neighbour explains to Pingu’s Mother what happened, and Mother gets Pingu to apologize. Pingu is afraid to apologize because of how mean he is, however Mother comforts Pingu and Pingu apologizes to the neighbour, and he and Pingu make up and shake hands. The neighbour and Pingu then have a game. Pingu gets his the farthest because his jumps over the other!, much to the neighbour’s annoyance.

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