Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[cartoon] Pingu ep 025 - Pingu's Parents go to a Concert

Pingu in Pingu's Parents go to a Concert

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Pingu’s parents are off to a concert for a change leaving Pingu and Pinga in charge of taking care of the house and promise to good, as Pingu and Pinga started to cry. As their parents leave, Pingu and Pinga perform antics such as jumping on their beds and asking Pinga to turn on a radio (as the music blares) while Pingu makes a pancake. Mother and Father had arrive at the concert. Pingu flips the pancake into the air many times, much to Pinga's delight and it ends up getting stuck to the roof! Pinga tells him to look up, Pingu does so just as the pancake falls on his head making him look like an elephant then he trumpets . Meanwhile, Mother and Father have a small talk while at the concert hall (as the Orchestra plays classical tune in piece). Then, Pingu bounces his red ball and he and Pinga play catch making a big mess in the process. At the concert, Father has fallen asleep and Mother wakes him up and they are a little bit worried about Pingu and Pinga. Afterwards, Pingu rifles through a dresser strewing a top hat at Pinga. He then puts on a women's hat and throws it at Pinga who is stuck in a blue box then Pingu pushes her as Pingu convinces Pinga (with the box she was stuck in now on her head) to come back to where he is standing then Pingu pretends to be a monster and is devouring Pinga. Meanwhile, Pingu’s parents are worried about what Pingu and Pinga might be doing as they have a look at the photo of Pingu and Pinga. Then Pinga turns on the bathtub and adds bubble bath to the bath water as Pingu jumps into the bathtub and play messily and then they tip over leaving a mess on the floor. Meanwhile, the concert is finished, and Pingu and Pinga try desperately to clean things up and Pinga shuts off the radio while Pingu shoves every single pair of clothes he has all strewn about into the dresser by jumping on the clothes. When Pingu's parents come home, Mother find out that the dresser had clothes completely shoved in. They are not amused and Mother asks if Pingu and Pinga did this. They say yes. They are afraid that they are angry at him, but they are not, and they forgive Pingu and Pinga. Mother cleans out the dresser, and they congratulate Pingu and Pinga for watching the house.

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