Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 1 - Season 4 Download On go4up

Are you fan of the Walking Dead series? If you want to download the episode from season 1 till season 4, you can download it from links below.

The walking dead season 1:

ep01: 533.23 MB
ep02: 355.45 MB
ep03: 359.40 MB
ep04: 356.96 MB
ep05: 359.57 MB
ep06: 360.81 MB

The walking dead season 2:

ep01: 498.63 MB
ep02: 337.73 MB
ep03: 344.13 MB
ep04: 344.79 MB
ep05: 338.79 MB
ep06: 341.84 MB
ep07: 340.46 MB
ep08: 341.36 MB
ep09: 341.39 MB
ep10: 338.34 MB
ep11: 341.52 MB
ep12: 342.60 MB
ep13: 341.23 MB

The walking dead season 3:

ep01: 341.91 MB
ep02: 341.95 MB
ep03: 341.90 MB
ep04: 341.88 MB
ep05: 341.77 MB
ep06: 341.85 MB
ep07: 341.78 MB
ep08: 341.92 MB
ep09: 341.82 MB
ep10: 341.98 MB
ep11: 341.58 MB
ep12: 341.82 MB
ep13: 341.80 MB
ep14: 341.82 MB
ep15: 341.90 MB
ep16: 342.94 MB

The walking dead season 4:

Download all parts of the episodes and extract them using winRar or 7-zip.

ep01: 3 parts

ep02: 3 parts

ep03: 3 parts

ep04: 2 parts

ep05: 2 parts

ep06: 2 parts

ep07: 3 parts

ep08: 2 parts

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