Monday, May 20, 2013

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series - S1E5 The Fly Downloads

mr bean animated the fly downloads
Snapshots of Mr. Bean: The Animated Series S1E4 - Inspired by a visit to an archaeological dig, Mr Bean goes treasure hunting.

Episode 5: On a hot night, Mr. Bean is bothered by a persistent fly.

I uploaded the avi in two main sorce: Go4up and Jheberg. For your information, go4up and Jheberg is multi uploader service to many filehosting sites. You can choose either one and download from any popular hosting sites such as uploaded, filecloud, netload, filefactory and depositfiles for free. Feel free to use their services for free.

Download link Jheberg: click here and wait for 5 sec.

Download link Go4up: click here and wait for 5 sec.

If you find any broken links, please feel free to post into the comment section below. Thanks for downloading! Please share this on your Facebook page to show your thanks..

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