Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series - S1E1 In The Wild Downloads

Mr Bean Animated Series. S1E1: In The Wild

Story 1: Mr. Bean decides to photograph wild animals in their habitat, and sets off to the woods.

To download this short-animation, please download it through one of the links below:

Download Mr. Bean: The Animated Series - S1E1 on Go4up
via adfly
via adfocus

Download Mr. Bean: The Animated Series - S1E1 on Mirrorcreator
via adfly
via adfocus

Any link would do. I provided the download links in two main source, Go4up and Mirrorcreator. Choose which filehoster do you prefer most. 

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Not enough Mr Bean? Find the second episode of Mr Bean Animated Series in my new blog post. Click here to view the post.

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